The Bosch series 4th phase - tower fish

It is the monster drawn on the left panel of Temptation of Saint Anthony.
The head is a fish.
As a trunk part is an insect, it also seems to be the shell of a hermit crab.
The tower rose high over the back and a wheel like a shield has adhered to the root of the leg.
As an impression, this is a tank or a portable fort.
It does not seem to be so delicious.

Eyes are dreadful.
Since the digital camera broke, a picture was unavoidably taken by the cellular phone.
I am sorry to be very hard to see.

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tower fish pdo file



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Set up textures by the same name.

The head of a fish

leg parts

fish1-12, fish1-13

tower,The head of a fish

fish2, wheel

Column   Feb 23,2009

I introduce Mr. Micro living in Austria.
Micro is manufacturing all the Bosch series works I designed.
And he has contributed the manufacture process to the paper model forum.
He has given original improvement. Moreover, the scale is made 50% to the surprising thing.

The following is a link of the forum which Micro contributed. Since it is German, there is no telling what have said, but I think that at least a picture can be enjoyed.

Micro's Helmet bird"
Micro's"letter bird"
Micro's"bird head monster"