papercraft DATABASE It is introducing with the photograph, and very intelligible.
pepakura kensaku kunIt introduces according to genre.
hamanaga no tokusen papercraftThis site is introducing papermodel in the world.

My favorite papermodel author

MPM Mechanical paper modelThe site used as the cause for me to make a papermodel.
moekamiI think the world highest peak in a "moe" papermodel.
SF Paper CraftAn industrial machine lover is a must.
Original Robot. Other Star Wars etc.
cafeteraA very highly complete moe papercraft.
+karehaIt is a beautiful papercraft just like a doll.
Paper Craft Figure
"Kuma Bokujou"
Original desigened paper craft site. The first in the world, R18 papercraft.
Mabikaze PaperworksThe site which has designed the character of a game called Mabinogi. Observe the figure which is full of a feeling of a lively motion.