About the Escapement

Time for a pendulum to go and come back is not concerned with way width and weight, but is decided by a string's length.
This is called isochrony of the pendulum.
It is said that Galileo discovered.
Specifically, the time which requires a 1m pendulum for a round trip is about 2 seconds.
If rotational movement is controlled by this reciprocating movement, the mechanism rotated at a fixed speed will be made.
This is a fundamental principle of a pendulum clock.
However, there is one problem here.
By air resistance, friction, etc., a pendulum will stop before long.
Therefore, it is required to give energy, in order not to stop a pendulum.
The escapement bears the work.

How does a escapement give a pendulum energy?
It is intelligible when an movie is seen.

25㎝ in length of a pendulum
(Periodic about 1 second)

1m in length of a pendulum
(Periodic about 2 second)

The gear currently rotated is called a escape wheel.
It is called uncle whether it strikes for the tooth of a escape wheel.
Escape wheel rotates with weight. A tooth collides with an uncle.
And it sliding ,pushes an uncle.Energy is given to a pendulum by it.
Reciprocating movement controls rotational movement and rotational movement gives energy to reciprocating movement.
Escapement is human beings' wisdom which reconciled two functions very well.


The structure of a escapement wheel is the same method as fundamentally as having used it with the gear of Trevithick's Locomotive.
I don't like the method of making thickness for paper in piles.

A paper spring is used for a rachet.
Elasticity was securable beyond anticipation.

Escapement 16㎝ in diameter.

Coin is used for weight.

Recoil Anchor Escapement Paper Model

245mm/100mm/490mm (w/d/h)
A4-size paper 13sheet

For the experiment of a pendulum.
To its own pendulum clock manufacture.
To all the paper model, automata, mechanism, and clock lovers.
I sell the drawing data for "$3.99".
A drawing data is "pdf-format".
Therefore, even if work goes wrong, it can print any number of times.

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Fixed accuracy is needed for clock manufacture.
When it cannot be secured, it may not operate normally.


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Recoil Anchor Escapement Paper Model

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