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Paper Pendulum Clock

PRICE / $24.99


A picture is the state which removed the pendulum. Sizes are 33,25,25cm(h/w/d). It is difficult to miniaturize a clock from this. The module of the gear is 3. Structure has followed the old way. However, a new way is tried on the creation method this time. Accuracy improves by making a mold like a lower picture.

Paper Pendulum Clock

250mm/250mm/330mm (w/d/h) A pendulum is excluded.
The gear can be made from your hand.
To all the paper model, automata, mechanism, and clock lovers.
A drawing data is "pdf-format".
Therefore, even if work goes wrong, it can print any number of times.

Material which you prepare.
A4-size paper 60sheet
Stick 4mm in diameter(2m)
String 4m in length
5mm Eyelet(The inside diameter of 4.5mm) and Eyelet Punch
Scissors. Cutting knife. Glue. Ruler.


The state which removed the anchor.

Next is the pictures which Mr. Moore sent to me.
It is the wonderful work created using colored paper.
The color gear is very cute and pop.
Thank you!! Mr. Moore.
I appreciate very much.

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Skill and perseverance are required for clock manufacture.
A clock may not move depending on how to make you.