my favorite gutarist #001 Slash

Top hat, les paul, smoke of a cigarette, and voodoo tone.
Ex-Guns N' Roses,and now Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash.

Supposing only one person can take a guitarist to an uninhabited island?
I answer slash promptly.
There are many guitarists more skillful than he. However, there are not those who can imitate his play anywhere.
He has a peculiar feeling of time. And the guitar riffs produced from there is full of originality.
I often practiced Sweet child o' mine intro and Paradise City solo once.
I want Guns N' Roses to revive with an original member.
Velvet Revolver's set me free is also cool.

The talk should change. It is the memorable first work···
It is not similar? Texture creation is difficult too.
Unlike drafting, in the picture, I reconfirmed that the difference of sensitivity and experience appeared.

Even so, Pepakura-designer is not utilizable as usual.
It only practices every day.
I have also performed the guitar only the smoke on the water's intro at first.
It will become skillful if it continues.

For such a reazon "my favorite guitarist" is serialized.(Is it OK even if it declares)
It is one work to two weeks···Cancel.It is about one work to one month.
Please watch from now on.

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