The Bosch series 2nd phase - Letter bird

This subject matter is the monster of bird which carries a letter drawn in "Temptation of Saint Anthony".
Bosch's character is incomprehensible.
It is over the limit of imaginative power.
There is no feather and it skates.
Although the previous work helmet bird was so, does a peculiarity hang something on the head?
Since the form itself is not so complicated,I thought that the final result was a texture of a dandy eyes.

The line of a mantle is delicate. It should have divided perpendicularly.
A size is the about the same as a hand. A photograph cannot be taken well.

Mail, mail.
When opening the door, it is fearful if such postman stands.

Terms of use

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(version with folding line)

pdo file
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When you deal with a sharp-edged tool, be very careful.
When you use glue, make sure the room is well-ventilated.
This site takes no responsibility for all accidents caused with a papermodel.
Please understand that.

How to make

Pepakura viewer sets up before printing.
Configuration → Print configuration
line width=1
Resoltion(for bitmap print)=high or middle
(Very high is required in a mass memory)

I think that explanation is not needed, only notes are simply.
The beak is delicately twisted, in order to insert a letter. They are detailed parts. Please assemble by patience.
Incidentally, in the part number notation of a developed view, L means left and R means right.

The head, the body, and a leg are assembled previously and, finally it dresses with a mantle.
Glue ear on a suitable place.

The axis of a hat is only inserted.
A tree, a letter, skate shoes, and a stand are made and it is completion.


With letter bird developed view, I tried a new way about the arrangement method of glue tab. It is the arrangement which does not arrange glue tab in one row, but engages it by turns.(Refer to the following figure)

I think that this method has easy positioning when gluing.
Even if it does not actually glue, a certain amount of form can be made only from engagement of paper.
Therefore, it is effective when accumulating the ring-like part.
A fault is that the troublesomeness when cutting increases.
And the joint after adhesion becomes mesh texture and appearance is not quite satisfactory.
Compared with arranging to one row ordinarily, which is not a talk referred to as whether to be a correct answer.
Talk to use properly flexibly in short.
However, I want to know others' idea for future work.
It is a case of the glue tab in the portion which does not need to consider the joint or flow of paper at all.
Which do you like the glue tab located in a line with one row or by turns.

Although it may be hard to answer with the question in an ambiguous situation, please cast your vote in a light feeling.