The idea of a work

I have to say first.
It is about the idea of a gear sphere created this time.
I did not invent this original.
Mr. Nakamura who is an administrator of a site (Paper Engineering KAMIKARA) invented this foundation.
This Gear's heart is a wonderful work which shows a strange motion, when the heart is formed with 12 gears and those all interlock.
I borrowed his idea and designed the sphere this time.

However, I am sorry. When I make a developed view, I have been satisfied.
Therefore, I am not building a prototype.
I think that it is not theoretically wrong. However, there is no telling whether the gear meshes well and interlocks or it can assemble before it.
Does someone challenge?
Please send e-mail, if it completes.

Terms of use

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GearSphere pdo file


When you deal with a sharp-edged tool, be very careful.
When you use glue, make sure the room is well-ventilated.
This site takes no responsibility for all accidents caused with a papermodel.
Please understand that.

Materials and Hint

Paper of A4 size. Since intensity is required, I recommend 0.215mm of paper thickness.
A stick 6mm in diameter is required as an axis of the gear.

The gear of the same kind is omitted with the developed view.
Five "10 T_A gears" are located in a line with the top side of core regular dodecahedron.
Three "10 T_B gears" and two "15 T_A gear" are located in a line with the lower side as directions of a texture.
The crevice between a core and 10T gear is 17mm.
The crevice between a core and 15T gear is 7mm.