What is the cryptex? It's a portable secret document box.

It is led to the corpse resulted from an unnatural death which was able to be likened with da Vinci's sketch "Vitruvius human figure",
Sophy who is a code investigator and Professor Langdon meets.

Sophy and Langdon approach the mystery of the chalice based on the code hidden in the corpse.

However, a life will be aimed at by the fanatic who pursues a chalice like them.

Although it is too late, it is "da Vinci Cord."

Cryptex is a key item of "da Vinci Cord."
and It was a receptacle with a built-in encryption key function which treasures the paper which the whereabouts of the chalice is describing.

Form and function according to "wikipedia"

---The (first) cryptex featured in the novel is described as a stone cylinder made up of "five doughnut-sized disks of marble [that] had been stacked and affixed to one another within a delicate brass framework"; end caps make it impossible to see inside the hollow cylinder.
Each of the disks is carved with the entire alphabet, and since they can be rotated individually, the disks can be aligned to spell different five-letter words.

The cryptex works "much like a bicycle's combination lock", and if one arranges the disks to spell out the correct password, "the tumblers inside align, and the entire cylinder slides apart" (p. 200).---

On the movie, cryptex was manufactured as stage properties like a lower photograph.


But isn't 8,000 yen high?

Does it then make?

It made from such circumstances.

By the way, with the novel, it is written that the original design of cryptex originates in da Vinci's secret diary.

It seems that however, there is no such record in fact.

That is, cryptex is writer Dan Brown's creation.

He is a person of the rich talent truly.

Terms of use

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Required tools

A4 Paper with thickness.(0.215mm=180g/m²-thick paper is recommended)
If it is thick paper more, work is impossible on a design.

Scissors Cutting knife Cutting mat Glue Ruler Tweezers.
These are enough with a cheap tools.


When you deal with a sharp-edged tool, be very careful.
When you use glue, make sure the room is well-ventilated.
This site takes no responsibility for all accidents caused with a papermodel.
Please understand that.


Print one sheet of paper for "pdf-key01".


Glue pieces A-03 to A-04.and Assemble a pillar.
The white piece of A-03 are glued by the inner side of a pillar.


Assemble a doughnut using A-05.After crease a dashed line ,it cut.


A-02. A cutting line can be hard to be seen for grain. Be careful not to forget to make a hole.


Twist A-02 around a pillar. Put a doughnut after that. Gluing is not carried out yet.


Glue A-01 to doughnut.


Twist and glue A-06 to doughnut.
Glue A-02 to pillar which was in the state assembled temporarily.
The triangular mark is located at the center of the slot of A-02.
Adjust a position and glue with.


Print one sheet of paper for "pdf-key02".


Assemble a pillar using B-04 and B-05.and doughnut using B-07.(picture omits)
Assemble them temporarily combining B-03 like work in "key-01".
No glue in the present stage.


Glue B-01 to doughnut.


Assemble a doughnut using B-06. The position of the star mark of a doughnut and the white portion of B-02 corresponds.
Unite a position and it glue with.


After they solidify certainly, cut off the block of a star mark, and a white portion.


Glue the gnawed doughnut to the side of doughnut which made from the process10.
If each block is in agreement exactly, it will be the excellent, but it is ok even if it does not adhere to a not much fine thing.


B-08. they are corps of a bow tie. The focus is very out of order?


Decompose a temporary assembly. After that, corps of a bow tie are inserted in B-03.
Fold up and glue a tab on the back side of B-03 paper.


After assembling temporarily again, it actually glues shortly.
Notes.Coincide the center of slot of B-03 and portion of doughnut that was gnawed.
If this process goes wrong, you have to remake once again.
Therefore, please concentrate at 3 premiums.


The triangular mark is located on the same line of the row of a key.
Adjust a position and glue with.


Print one sheet of paper for "pdf-ring".


Assemble a pillar using C-07 and C-08.
This pillar will be used to the last. Therefore, don't throw away to the last.


Assemble a doughnut using C-01 and pillar.A pillar is used in order to take a model.Therefore,not glue.

The triangular mark is equal to portion of C-03 which has lacked.
The block with triangular mark does not glue.

After glue dries, it removes from a pillar.


The block with triangular mark is separated.

Then, it combines with a pillar again.And the side which remained is glued C-03 similarly.


Glue C-02 inside. Glue the one where width is wider.


Twist and glue C-06 around a thin skewer.


Glue C-05 to C-06.

The completed rivet does not glue. It only inserts.


Print five sheet of paper for "pdf-dial".


Insert D-03 in D-10.
Then a notched missing portion is equal to the portion which D-10 lacks.
Fold up and glue a tab of D-03 on the back side of D-10.


Assemble a doughnut using D-02.
A doughnut is put on the pillar created on the last page "ring".(No glue!!)
and glue D-08 to side of doughnut.

The triangular mark is equal to portion of D-08 which has lacked.
The block with triangular mark does not glue.


Doughnut removes from a pillar.After that the block with triangular mark is separated.
Then, it combines with a pillar again.And the side which remained is glued what made from the process 2.

The lacking portion gathers.


Glue D-09 to tab.

After glue dries,remove from a pillar and cut off like a picture.


D-01 The pair of the bow tie appeared again.
This time make a triangular prism.


Glue triangular prisms on hatching.

Band was dispersed being spared for people. Two persons get separate. The difference of musical directivity was a reason.


Assemble a ring using D-05.


D-04. Refer to a picture and bend it.


A tab becomes outside.Each end is glued together and made the shape of a ring.

Stuff it into an alphabet ring. (No glue yet)

adjust 26 tabs at equal intervals and center of the alphabet.


"A" and "N" of the alphabet and triangular prism correspond.
Decide a position, glue D-07 to tabs.


After dries D-07,remove like a picture and glue.

It takes care so that a position may not shift.


The alphabet to set as a password is the portion which lacked off.
With a picture, "A" becomes a password.

The assembly of a dial is an end now.

Thank you for your works···

···Then, it is not. From now on, a severe routine work will start.

Although gets tired,please make four more dials.

I pray for your good job.


Assemble the dial which set up password with the thing made from the key01.

The password of a picture is "APPLE".


A ring and a rivet are used.
A rivet is not glued.


Insert a key02. It will be completion.


The code combination of a cryptex is 26 to the fifth = 11881376 kinds.

Therefore, probably, those who do not know a password are unable to open this.

However, If you forget a password···It is a tragedy.

But the cryptex of "Glue² chronicle" is a safe design.

When you should forget a password, let's strike and divide with all your strength.

Let's keep valuables in the safe which is not made of paper.

Wrong use

Don't play with money.
Don't hide the receipt of a bribe.