Bevel Gear

Turn like a Prayer wheel.

It is a prejudice that a gear ratio is different.
But it is functionally meaningless.

Terms of use

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Bevel Gear DOWNLOAD (357kb)


When you deal with a sharp-edged tool, be very careful.
When you use glue, make sure the room is well-ventilated.
This site takes no responsibility for all accidents caused with a papermodel.
Please understand that.

How to make

This file is premised on use with the PEPAKURA Viewer 3.
Pepakura viewer sets up before printing.
Setting → Print Setting
Thickness of line = 1~3
Resoltion(for bitmap print)=high or middle
(Very high is required in a mass memory)
Parts name is expressed as the button of "Show Parts Name."

Bevel Gear(small = teeth12)
Parts Name "12gear_wheel, 12gear_teeth-2, 12gear_teeth-3"
Glue "12gear_teeth-2" to "12gear_teeth-3".
Glue the valley of teeth to the portion with a color of "12 gear_wheel" carefully.

Glue "12 gear_teeth-2" to "12 gear_teeth-3", after glueing "12 gear_wheel".
Glue "12gear_teeth-1" in order of a diagonal line. (like the method of tire exchange)

Unite the position of Triangle mark.
Also make Bevel Gear(Big = teeth18) by the same method.

Parts Name "box_lower-1, box_lower-2, box_lower-3, box_lower-4"
Unite the position of Triangle mark.
Put "frame-1,2,3,4" and glue it.

Unite the position of Triangle mark.
Put "18gear_shaft" and glue it.

Glue "18 gear_stopper" to the end of axis.
Be careful of adhesion!! An axis rotates.

Put Bevel Gear (small = teeth12) into a box. Insert "12gear_shaft1-1".
A portion with a color overlaps with the width of the gear.
Glue "12gear_stopper-3" to the end of axis.
Assemble "12gear_stopper-1" and "12gear_stopper-2" like a right picture.(Hereafter, I call this a stopper)

Let a stopper pass on an axis.
Insert and glue "12gear_shaft-2" and "12gear_shaft1-2".

It is completion. Thank you for everything.